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10 Reasons Why Choicewebhost is the Right Choice for Your Business

1. Longevity and Stability. Choicewebhost has been serving customers since 1996, just two years after the World Wide Web was invented. We’ve deliberately chosen to grow slowly and cultivate a personal relationship with each of our customers, which has helped us to maintain high client satisfaction and a very high customer retention rate.

2. Personalized service. As a small company, we work hard to understand your business needs and provide you with the services to help your company grow. When you contact us, you’ll usually speak with one of three people, two of whom are owners of the company, and each of whom is equipped to handle your issue and make sure it is resolved quickly. What you won’t get is impersonal service from a front-line telephone representative who doesn’t understand how to resolve your problem. If we don’t directly provide the service you need (web design or programming, for example), we’ll refer you to an associate who we personally know that will provide you with the same quality service that we offer.

3. Customized solutions that meet your needs. Are you a technophobe who wants as little to do with the “backend” that makes your website and email work? No problem, we can set up a shopping cart, help you get a website developed, and whatever else you need. Or are you a programmer who needs a dedicated server with root-level access for development and troubleshooting? We can help you there as well. Whether it’s mission-critical services for medical offices or answering services, or ecommerce websites that require 24/7 reliability, or a simple site for your part-time, home-based business, we have a plan that can help your business grow..

4. Quality technical support. We guarantee to provide you with high quality, reliable service, fast and friendly support from real people who know and understand your company and your account, and all at a price that’s fair and competitive.

5. Reliability. Through a careful strategy of conservative server management, establishing server and data center redundancy, and appropriate planning, Choicewebhost has maintained a cumulative uptime rate of better than 99.989%. (That’s less than 60 minutes of downtime per year on an average basis.)

6. Ownership and control of server hardware. Unlike a majority of providers, Choicewebhost does not resell some other company’s products or services. We own, operate, and maintain our servers ourselves. This means we are not reliant on other companies or their technicians to troubleshoot issues, maintain security, or otherwise manage your equipment or data.

7. Geographic and provider redundancy. Choicewebhost maintains servers in two data centers in geographically diverse locations across the US (central California and Atlanta, GA.) Each data center is connected to at least three major Tier I Internet backbone providers, including Verio, AT&T, Sprint, UUNet, and Level 3. If a catastrophic failure or weather event were to knock one data center offline, or if a backbone provider or even the data center itself were to suddenly go offline or out of business without notice (this has happened numerous times in previous years), we could easily reroute your web and email traffic to another data center within minutes. Very, very few of our competitors have this sort of redundancy.

8. Flexible bandwidth utilization and overcapacity. Each of our servers has bandwidth connectivity far in excess of what the server actually uses. If a website on the server suddenly gets a spike in traffic (such as after a mention on the news), the bandwidth will be in place to help serve the requests.*

9. Competitive pricing for business-class services. We’ll treat you fairly and price our services fairly. While there may be other providers offering services appearing somewhat similar at a lower cost, you may also find hidden support charges, constant upsell requests, or very skimpy email-only support answered by a support center located in another country, or that their servers are grossly overloaded and serve pages slowly, or they have much greater downtime due to substandard Internet bandwidth. We guarantee that you won’t have those problems with us.

10. Integrity. Each of us at Choicewebhost stands personally behind the service we provide to our customers, and we want you to be satisfied at all times with our service. If we’ve ever not met your expectations, please call or email us, and we’ll do our best to make things right for you.

*Of course, even the most powerful single server cannot simultaneously handle hundreds of thousands of requests, so if your site gets mentioned on CNN or some other high-visibility location, some people will probably have difficulty reaching your site during peak periods. We do offer high-availability solutions to handle this volume of traffic, but 99% of web hosting customers will not need them.



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