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About Us

Choicewebhost started out as two separate companies. ESPNet Hosting, based near Minneapolis, MN, began providing hosting services in 1997, just 3 years after the World Wide Web was invented. Then, in 1999, TSAChoice, a leading provider of telecom, computer, and networking solutions in Asheville, NC, entered the web hosting and email marketplace. In early 2001, ESPNet and a former TSAChoice employee acquired the webhosting business from TSAChoice, and renamed the company ChoiceWebHost.com. The company's main offices, along with its two principals, relocated to northern California in 2001, although we still maintain servers in North Carolina.

Choicewebhost is a privately held company. We have been profitable every year since we began. we carry no debt, and we own all of our servers and equipment. In other words, we are a long-term, stable provider of business internet services.

Since our humble beginnings with a single reseller account, Choicewebhost has grown to serve several hundred customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, each with personalized service. While we have traditionally catered to small businesses in the professional sector (medical practices, attorneys, financial planners, massage therapists) we in recent years have begun to serve a much wider array of clients in diverse fields ranging from manufacturing, retail, and restaurant to the nonprofit sector, musicians, artists, travel agencies, resorts, and the like.) We also provide customized solutions for a number of larger companies in the traditional and e-commerce marketplaces.

Our servers are mostly Red Hat Linux production servers divided between two different data centers on different coasts. Each data center in which our servers are located is a carrier-neutral facility (meaning our Internet backbone connections are provided by multiple bandwidth providers for redundancy) with backup generators, redundant internal and external networks, on-site biometric security, integrated border routers, firewall, DOS and intrusion detection systems, and other advanced security tools to minimize the problems created in an increasingly complex and chaotic worldwide network.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.



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